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This space available! Your research here!
This space available! Your research here!

The Research Computing department is always looking for more stories about how the high performace computers or high throughput computers have helped further research. We're looking for new stories about interesting developments and discoveries on research projects of all topics.

If you're interested in having your project displayed, send an email to detailing what your research topic is and how the hpc/htc systems have helped you! Your research could be featured on the RC homepage!

Please include

  • Your research team's PI
  • Which college or department your research is with
  • What systems you used
  • How the systems were helpful
  • A brief summary of your findings
  • Relevant images if available
    • Images of experiments and instrumentation
    • Images of data, results, and graphics
    • Images of faculty, students, or staff involved in the project(s)
  • A small number of PowerPoint slides which summarize the project(s) and area(s) of study.


For examples of past projects displayed on the RC site, see: