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HPC/HTC Disk Allocations
HPC/HTC Disk Allocations


Each user will have access to a home directory and xdisk space. Research groups may purchase Buy-In or rental storage space if the group storage requirements exceed the home and xdisk space allocations.

The user home directory has a quota of 5GB and is backed up daily.

The xdisk space is an optional, user requested space.  xdisk space is variable between 50GB and 200GB.  The details and examples of using xdisk see the HPC Storage page.

TB level storage options: "annual rental" and "buy-in" options are available for groups/users with larger storage requirements.  The costs for rental and buy-in will fluctuate with the market pricing for disk drives.

The current rates and costs are:

Rental: $59 per TB per year 

Buy-In: $7,565 for 24TB of space with a 5-year support contract.

Contact HPC Consulting at hpc-consult@list.arizona.edu to obtain a current quote.  To request rental space send email to slarequest@list.arizona.edu.