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Appropriate Use of HPC/HTC Systems
Appropriate Use of HPC/HTC Systems

High Performance Computing (HTC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) facility users are responsible for complying with all University policies.

The supercomputers represent a unique resource for the campus community. These computers have special characteristics that are not found, or are of limited availability, on other central computers, including parallel processing, large memory, and a Linux operating system.

Only those applications that are well-suited for the supercomputer environment and that are not readily available on other machines should exist on the HPC/HTC systems, such as intensive scientific computation, real-time animated graphics, complex simulations, and computational science applications. However, funding limitations prevent the licensing of expensive and infrequently used software.

The allocation of HPC/HTC resources requires close supervision by those charged with management of these resources and accountability on the part of the users to see that the HPC/HTC systems are put to appropriate use. Part of appropriate use means the HPC/HTC machines will be specialized in the type of jobs that are processed. The Interactive Front End (IFE, hpc.arizona.edu) designated for interactive jobs and submitting batch jobs to the 512-processor system has been designated for batch processing only.

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